The Frogmouth, One of Nature’s Most Fascinating Birds

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Bird watching has enjoyed growing popularity in the US in the last years and can be a nice way to spend more time outdoors with friends and family. Kids can become especially fond of bird watching as there is so much to learn while observing birds in their natural habitat. One of the most interesting bird species to spot out there is the Frogmouth, which looks like an owl, but it isn’t. Frogmouths reside in the forests of Southeast Asia and Australia and are a part of the nightjar family, their most distinctive feature being their expressive looks. They are nocturnal birds and get their name from their large frog-like gape, but they are not scary as they might seem at a first glance.

Frogmouth eats mostly insects, but they have also been observed taking larger prey such as frogs. So, if you plan to go birdwatching in forests, maybe lookout for this majestic bird and tell your children some interesting trivia.

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