First sugar mill was established in India by the British in the year 1868. “Before setting up this sugar mill, Indian people used to eat pure local jaggery and therefore, they never used to fall sick.”

Sugar is a kind of poison which has proved as a cause of many diseases. Let us know this in details:

  1. Sulphur is the main ingredient used in the process of making the sugar. Sulphur is the spice used in producing fireworks!
  2. Sulphur is extremely heavy chemical. Once it goes into human body, it becomes impossible to take it out.
  3. Sugar increases the bad cholesterol level which results into heart attack.
  4. Sugar increases the body weight excessively which results into obesity.
  5. Sugar increase the blood pressure.
  6. Sugar has proven to be the maim cause of brain attack.
  7. Modern medical science recognizes sweet taste in the sugar as sucrose. Sucrose is hard to digest for both humans and animals.
  8. Twenty three harmful chemicals are used in the process of sugar making.
  9. Main cause of diabetes is sugar.
  10. Sugar is the main cause of stomach ulcer.
  11. Increase in triglycerides in body is caused by the sugar.
  12. Sugar is the main cause of paralysis.
  13. As much as possible, give up sugar.

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