Few Inspiring Facts In Getting The Best Out Of Life

  1. In life, those with the Lion Heart get the Lion share.
  2. In life, only the Bold get the Gold.
  3. In life, only those with the Liver get the Silver.
  4. In life, only the Risk Takers become Rich
  5. In life, only the Brave becomes Great, Successful and Wealthy
  6. In life, nothing happens until you make it happen for yourself.
  7. In life, what you don’t desire, you do not deserve.
  8. If you keep on waiting for the Right Time, Right Job, Right Opportunity, you may wait forever.
  9. Whatever you can Conceive and Believe, you can Achieve it
  10. What you don’t Resist has a right to Remain in your life.
  11. Only the Adventurous advances in Life.
  12. If you have nothing to inspire you, you may get Expired.
  13. You have to endure the pains of today, to have the Gains of tomorrow.

Have a blessed New week

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